Tagliatelle* Acoustic Felt Flokati Rug Filz Akustik  Teppich

Tagliatelle* Acoustic Flokati Felt Rug # Akustik Flokati Filzteppich


Product Description

Tagliatelle* Acoustic Flokati Felt Rug
Tagliatelle* Akustik Flokati Filzteppich

…..Inspired by the love for italian pasta…..

Tagliatelle* (Wild) is the perfect acoustic rug for everyday relaxed and stress-free living.

The long soft elegant fingers are a wonderful sensation under your feet. Perfect for cuddling up and enjoying a wonderful book or a glass of wine in front of your fireplace.

The extraordinary wild 3D structure of this rug causes the visual illusion of rapid-growing grass, making it a one of a kind high-end interior lawn which speaks to our senses in many different ways.

Uniquely completely handcrafted out of felt without stitching or glueing. The rug is repairable meaning severely damaged pieces can be replaced without any tools making it extraordinary ecofriendly. The felt is naturally water repellant, flame retardant and fully biodegardable.

* Pricing, shapes, size, colors + color mixtures on request via contact.

* Merino Pure New Woolfelt.

* Awards: IF Gold + #Form.

* HandCrafted quality should be considered as an added value.

This article will be Hand-Made due to your special choice. No cancellation!
Please calculate a 8-12 Weeks lead-time.


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Bespoke on request!


On request!