Sconcigli Uno Acoustic Felt Rug - Filz Akustik Teppich

Sconcigli Uno – Felt Acoustic Rug – Filz Akustik Teppich


Product Description

Sconcigli Uno Felt Acoustic Rug
Sconcigli Uno Filz Akustik Teppich…..

…..Inspired by… the sensation of lying on a seashell filled beach and the love for Italian pasta has been translated into a rug.

The interlacing curly felt pieces with a spring like elasticity is meant to bring the sensation of a beach holiday into our living spaces with perfect acoustic properties for everyday stress-free living.

Its unique design will fill your room with this certain feeling that became the muse to create this very special designer rug that will make you feel like you traveled to places of this beauty. The only thing that is missing is the smell of salty air.

This rug is absolutely unique completely Handcrafted out of felt without stitching, gluing and dirty or damage pieces can be replaced without any tools with perfect sound absorbing properties, naturally absorbs pollutants as well as it is flame retardant and fully biodegradable.

* Awarded with IF Material + Good Design + Wallpaper Magazine Best Of Imm Cologne.

* Completely hand crafted out of Merino woolfelt, therefore hand crafted quality should be considered as an added

* Please send inquiry or place order via contact form stating size, shape, color and color mixtures.

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This article will be Hand-Made due to your special choice. No cancellation.
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silvergrey, steelgrey, black, woolwhite, ivory mel., granite mel., anthracite mel., blackpearl mel., rawwool mel., greying mel., brownstone mel., trüffle mel. mudd mel., beige mel., anthracite mel.+ blackpearl mel. + ivory mel., mudd mel., white mel.


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