Kind und Kegel  Felt Egg Cozies Filz Eierwaermer
Kind und Kegel Felt Egg Cozy Filz Eierwaermer

Kind und Kegel # Felt Egg Cozy # Set of 2 # Filz Eierwärmer



Product Description

Kind und Kegel Felt Egg Cozy
Kind und Kegel Filz Eierwärmer…..

…..Kind und Kegel is referring to a family with small children in German.

Cute and uniquely in its shape and absolutely beautiful. An object of design and yet not too kitschy.

Form follows function and even the natural values of the material wool ensures that the egg is kept cozy.

Kind und Kegel cozy family is available many different sizes and variations to dishes + hot beverages cozy. There are cup, mug, teapot, coffeepot as well as warmers for dishes available.

* Distinguished with #Form.

* Set of 2 ; height approx. 12cm ; eco gift packaging.

* Merino Pure New Woolfelt + Aluminium ring.

* Please click on Colors to see Color Palettes.

* Also available as a Wave table-runner, tablemat + Wave Sweater cooler + many more…..

* Other colors are available on request via contact.

* HandCrafted in Germany.

* This article will be Hand-Made due to your special choice. No cancellation.

* Please calculate a 2-3 weeks lead-time.


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woolwhite, red, lime, stonegrey mel.,


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