Cappelletti Mod Acoustic Fet Rug

Cappelletti Mod Acoustic Felt Rug # Filz Akustik Teppich


Product Description

Filz Akustik Teppich Cappelletti Mod
Acoustic Felt Rug Cappelletti Mod…..

…..Inspired by italian pasta and foam structures to defuse sound….

Cappelletti gives us the feeling that we are the inhabitants of soft-felted bubbles and bedded on rose petals, but so much more durable.

Due to the hand crafted modularity this rug is absolutely unique without stitching or gluing. Dirty or damaged pieces can be replaced without any tools and easy to clean (100% Eco-friendly).
Hand crafted quality should be considered as an added value.

* Awards: Chicago Good Design + German Design Award Nominee.

* Same shapes maybe deconstructed and extra-ordinary in design.

* 3mm Merino Pure New Woolfelt. Please click on Colors to see Color Palettes basic felt.

* Also available in 2mm Merino Woolfelt on request!

* Please send inquiry or place order via contact form stating size, shape, color and color mixtures.

This article will be Hand-Made due to your special choice. No cancellation.
Please calculate a 8-12 Weeks lead-time.


Additional Information

Color basic

stone grey mel., grey graphite mel., anthracite mel., asphalt mel., brown grey mel., dark brown mel., oatmeal mel., light grey mel., natural brown mel., warm grey, grey, black, red, bright orange, yellow, cerise, sapphire blue, turquoise, azur, leaf, apple, pale green, purpur, africano, cherry, pearl white


On request!


Made to order!


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