Bierfilz Karo Modular Ancient Felt Cushion
Bierfilz Karo Modular Ancient Grey Felt Cushion

Bierfilz Karo Modular – Ancient Felt Cushion – Filz Kissen



Product Description

Bierfilz Karo was inspired by the beautiful and iconic Burlington pattern, as well as by a traditional Bavarian “Beer Mat”

Simply a new generation of Artifact Cushions. The three dimensional design is constructed out of a special hand-refined felt manufacturing process, making each cushion a “unique piece”.

The design is without stitching and single pieces can be replaced when damaged or dirty.

Differences in tone, shading and gradation are to be seen as a sign of good quality and as a distinctive feature.

* Chicago Good Design Award + Nominee for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

* Also available as a DIY-Kit on request!

* Made from thick hand-refined Merino Pure New Wool.

* Please click on Colors to see Color Palettes.

* Without feather cushion filling. Feather cushion is available on request!

* Other sizes, color combinations and patterns are available on request.

This article will be Hand-Made due to your special choice. No cancellation.
Please calculate a 2-3 weeks lead-time.


Additional Information


46x46cm, 50x50cm


lemon, yellow, fuchsia, cornflower, turquoise, red, lime, leafgreen, grey