Bierfilz Flower of Life  Felt Acoustic Modular Rug # Akustik Filz Teppich

Bierfilz Flower Of Life Modular Felt Acoustic Rug # Modular Akustik Filzteppich


Product Description

Bierfilz Flower Of Life Modular Akustik Filzteppich
Bierfilz Flower Of Life Modular Felt Acoustic Rug…..

…..inspired by the symbol depicting the seven days in which God created life and origami patterns. Leonardo da Vinci also studied the Flower of Life.

The historical artifact surface becomes a piece of art and is the ultimate object for modern interiors.

Due to the modularity dirty or damaged pieces can easily be replaced (module without glue or stitching), rearranged in shape, size and colors at any time. This extraordinary rug is naturally water repellent, absorbs pollutants, flame retardant and fully biodegradable without harmful substances. Absolutely unique!

* P.S.: Mary-Ann Williams was the inventor of modular textile ready-made to the edge!

* Awards….. Nominee Design Award Fed. Rep of Germany + Good Design Award.

* Available in many different shapes sizes, colors, color mixtures (over 50 colors) and a do-it-yourself-kit.

* Please click on Colors to see Color Palettes.

* Inquiries for pricing + orders can be placed via contact.

* Acoustic Wall Panel, Acoustic Wall Covering, Acoustic Curtain etc. is available on request via contact.

* This article will be Hand-Made due to your special choice. No cancellation.

* Please calculate a 4-5 weeks lead-time


Additional Information

Weight 20.0 kg
Dimensions 100 x 40 x 40 cm

Made to order!


darkpink, lilac, lavender, grape, bluegreen, yellowgreen, camel, orange, red, lime, icegreen, royal, sivergrey, steelgrey, blackv, woolwhite, mustard mel., red mel., aubergine mel., azure mel., lagoon mel., kiwi mel., dust mel., ivory mel., anthracite mel., blackpearl mel., beige mel., greying, brownstone mel., truffle mel.


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